Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is this NBA team "too white?"

The Minnesota NBA basketball team has 10 "white" players and 5 "black" players, in a league in which 75% of the players are "black."

Because Minnesota is a primarily "white" state, some people feel that the team deliberately chose a predominance of "white" players.  Yet, many of the white players are from Europe, where many new great basketball players are developing.


1)  Do you think that a team with primarily "white" players should seem strange in the NBA?

2)  Do you agree with those who are accusing the owners of the team of a type of racism?

3)  NBA games are very expensive to attend and most of the fans are "white" at the games.  Should anyone be complaining about this?

4)  Do you think NBA fans care about the color of the players on their team or do they care primarily about whether their team wins?

5)  The whole country - White, Black and Asian - was excited about Jeremy Lin's success earlier this year.  Does this say something positive about people's attitudes toward race in America?

6)  Europe is turning out amazing basketball players these days, and the US Olympic basketball team had a hard time beating some European teams.  Is this situation a situation of racism or a change in the types of players who are NBA caliber? 


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