Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Neanderthal Model Created

Apparently the "Neanderthals" or Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis preceded modern humans in evolutionary history.  Indeed, for many thousands of years, apparently, Neanderthals and humans lived side by side.  It is thought, in fact, that Neanderthals died out due to the extreme competition with humans for various resources in Europe.

Scientists have created a new model of a Neanderthal male, based on a skeleton found about 100 years ago.

1)  In the past Neanderthal models were presented as fierce and potentially violent.  Why do you think this model looks so sweet and gentle?

2)  Does it look as if there was a huge difference, in appearance, between Neanderthals and humans?

3)  A scientist in Europe has been able to retrieve some DNA from a Neanderthal skeleton.  Do you think he should be able to clone a Neanderthal so that we can see whether the models are correct?  If a Neanderthal is cloned, should he/she be given full human rights?  What if the Neanderthal can speak (it is believed that they had some speech capacity)?  Should human rights for a cloned Neanderthal be based on its genetic similarity to humans or its capacity to speak?

4)  Do you think that Neanderthal man looked alot like Chuck Norris?  (This is a joke.)

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