Monday, October 15, 2012

Newsweek Says "Heaven Is Real."

Because of modern medical technology, many people claim to have experienced "near-death" experiences.  A near-death experience occurs when a person is technically "dead" for a short time (according to a medical definition) but is revived through advanced medical procedures.  During this period of "death" many people claim they were able to leave their bodies or they claim they had amazing experiences in heaven, or, sometimes, hell.

Newsweek magazine recently published a story by a scientist who claims he was in a coma and experienced "heaven."  Here is a link about the article (the Newsweek article is not online):

1)  Do you believe that this doctor experienced heaven, or do you believe he was hallucinating?

2)  This story has become one of the hottest stories in America.  Why do you think so many people are interested in reading this doctor's story?

3)  Do you believe there is an after-life and your placement in this after-life is based on how you performed ethically on earth?  Do you think everyone gets to go to heaven?  Do you believe that a "hell" exists for those who were evil?

4)  Do you agree with some critics who say that Newsweek is trying to make money from people's superstitions, since it is obvious that this doctor could not have experienced "heaven"?

5)  Do you think the doctor is ethical in writing a book called "Proof of Heaven"?  Do you think his experiences can prove heaven exists? Is he merely trying to make money by deceiving people?  Do you think he is sincere?

6)  According to the doctor's experience, an attractive young woman guides him on a trip to heaven but tells him he will have to return to earth.  Why would an "angel" do this?  Could this be real or is this all part of this doctor's fantasy life?

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