Saturday, October 13, 2012

Turkey and Syria Continued

Turkey continues to report atrocities committed by the Syrian government due to the civil war which is being fought there, and is now declaring that the UN has been remiss in addressing the situation.

Yet, due to the structure of the UN, it cannot take military action without the consent of Russia and China (strong allies of Syria).

1)  Do you think this situation is similar to the situation in the old Yugoslavia?

2)  In the Vice Presidential debate, Joe Biden stated that the last thing the United States should do is commit more soldiers to a foreign war.  What do you think of Biden's statement in light of the continuing loss of life in Syria?

3)  Do you think the UN is a viable organization?  Do you think the structure of the UN is sufficient for this organization to take quick and effective action to stop military atrocities?

4)  What do you think Turkey, or NATO, should do about this situation?

5)  Joe Biden was also asked why the US intervened in Libya and will not intervene in Syria.  He stated that these were two different countries and two different situations.  What do you think of his response?  Why do you think the US intervened in Libya but has not intervened in Syria?

6)  Biden seemed to imply that Romney might get the US involved in a war in Syria.  Yet, Paul Ryan, Romney's running mate, denied they wanted war.  Ryan seemed to assert that the world no longer takes America seriously due to President Obama.  How do you feel about this?

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