Sunday, October 21, 2012

Unequal Treatment of Babies in "Posh" NY City Hospital

A couple years ago many Americans were shocked that two pop stars were able to rent an entire floor of a famous hospital in order to give birth to their child.  Many people thought this was unfair to other women who needed rooms to give birth. 

Now there is a story that at this hospital there are certain areas for "wealthy" patients who are giving birth and "poor" patients who are giving birth.  The rooms for the wealthy patients are called "Beyonce" rooms because she and her husband were the ones who rented the entire floor of the hospital so that they might not be bothered by other people during the delivery of their child.

(By the way, a "posh" thing is a very  expensive or luxurious thing. Do you remember Posh Spice from the Spice Girls? :P)

1)  Is this situation fair?

2)  Would you ever go to a hospital that has areas for wealthy people and areas for poor people?  Do you believe that all people in need should be treated the same way or do you think this is a good system?

3)  Does this shock you or give you some special insight into how things are sometimes (or often) done in America?

4)  What is your health care system like in your country?

5) Are you worried about health care in the USA, now that you are here?

6)  What do you think of the US health care system, where 50 million people (out of 350million people) are uninsured and often go without medical attention?

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