Saturday, December 15, 2012

Does America Need To Ban Handguns?

The whole truth as to why a 20 year old man shot so many children has not yet come out.  Nobody is quite sure what his motives were, although some are suggesting that he suffered from some form of mental illness.

Nevertheless, many are hoping this shooting will finally persuade most Americans that allowing guns to be bought easily is a huge mistake.

1)  The right to own guns is in the US Constitution, and this right cannot be eliminated easily (many individual states would have to vote to change the Constitution).   The 2nd Amendment allows the ownership of guns as a means for individuals to protect themselves in their own homes.  Do you believe that this is a necessary right?

2)  Many parents are now worried about school safety and security.  If you were the principal of a school, what would you do to ensure the safety of your students?

3)  There are 325 million Americans and guns are easy to obtain.  Do you think that as long as guns are legal we are going to see such horrible massacres?


Yes, I'm the guy who caused the "scandal" in Asia two years ago :P

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  1. It was the news nobody wanted to hear about. It's so terrible how some of us solve our problems by causing more problems.

    Guns don't kill people, people kill people. However, the guns give possibitity to do bad things if they are in wrong hands. Thats way the guns should only belong to the professionals, hunters, cops, etc. Not to the next door Granny who feels insrcure. There has to be some other way to built secure and healthy enviroment than that everybody owns guns.

    Every school should have an educated staff to help and support young students and pupils. For instance the shcools should be able to offer the health services, counceling and psychological help anyone who needs it.

    Jarp from the Forum :)