Monday, December 3, 2012

Fake Homeless Man "Scams" NY Police Officer for Free Boots

There was a story that was in many newspapers around the world last week, concerning a NY City police officer who saw a man lying on a sidewalk with no shoes on his feet.  When this happened it was freezing cold outside and the officer went into a shoe store and bought shoes for the homeless man.

Yet, there seemed to be something strange about the story to me.  The apparently homeless man was deliberately lying in front of a shoe store in Times Square with no shoes.  To me, it seemed as if he was trying to make tourists feel sorry enough for him so that they might actually go in the store and buy him a pair of shoes or at least give him some money.  The fact that this "homeless" guy was deliberately sitting on the ground without shoes seemed a deliberate ploy (scheme, plan) to make people feel sorry enough for him that they might give him something.

This is what the cop did.

Now, there is a new story that the "homeless" man has been seen around the city without shoes again!  Therefore, it seems that the "homeless" man really does not need shoes, but merely takes his shoes off to trick or fool cops and tourists into giving him money and shoes.

This is called a "scam."  This is when someone tricks another person into giving him/her money.  On the subways there are lots of these scams.  Women will sometimes even bring children onto the subway and claim they are homeless and hungry to get people to give them money.

What is shocking to me is that the City of New York actively warns people NOT to give any money to any beggars.  There are about 100 free food programs in New York City and many free clothing programs.  There are also homeless shelters where the homeless may go.  The City of New York points out that if a beggar is asking for money, he/she probably wants it for drugs or alcohol.  Help is available in New York to anyone who wants it.

So basically, the cop wanted to be a good samaritan, but became a scam victim instead.  He did not follow the advice his own government bosses give to people about giving things to beggars.

New Story!!!!  The "homeless" guy is not even homeless.  Basically, and I am sorry to say this, this news makes the NY police officer really seem ridiculous.  He totally got scammed. Even though the city warns people not to give money to beggars, he did so.

1)  Do you agree with my theory?

2)  Does this make the cop look foolish to you, or is he still a hero?

3)  Do you provide money to beggars on the subway?  Why or why not?

4)  Do you provide money to street musicians on the streets?


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