Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Newark New Jersey Mayor Living on "Food Stamps"

"Food stamps" are not really "stamps."  They used to be stamps but now a person who receives "food stamps" receives a type of debit card which he/she can use at a super market or grocery store to get free food.

The Mayor of Newark, New Jersey wants people to focus on the issue of food stamps, so he is going to try to survive for one week by just using the average amount of money that an average food stamp user uses.  That comes to about $5 per day.  By the way, this does not necessarily mean that people are expected to live on $5 per day for food.  Many food stamp users have a source of income, but it is quite low, so they are often able to add to this small sum or other people in the family also receive food stamps so they can "pool" their resources.  Very poor people also often take advantage of free food give-aways at local churches and social services programs.  Nevertheless, the Mayor will be living on about $5 a day (for food) for one week.

Apparently he wants people in America to be more aware of how little the government is providing to poor people for food.  Many people attack the "food stamps" program as being wasteful or too generous.  This mayor wants to show that people can buy very little with what they receive.


1)  How do you feel about this gesture?

2)  Do you think that more money should be provided to poor people for food?  This will, of course, mean higher taxes for everyone else.

3)  The Mayor of Newark will be running for Governor soon.  Do you think he is trying to generate positive publicity for himself, or based on the article, do you think he truly cares about the poor?

4)  Do you think there should be a limit of time that a person may use food stamps, or should there be a requirement that the person looks for or obtains work?

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