Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Pink" Taxis in Mexico, Just for Women

Many women around the world complain about their treatment by taxi drivers.  Even in NY City many women claim that the drivers flirt with them or hit on them (try to pick them up or take them out on dates).  Many women simply do not feel safe hailing (trying to stop) a taxi cab.

In Mexico, therefore, a couple years ago, they addressed this situation by establishing taxis purely for women.  These taxis are called "Pink" taxis and are driven by women for women.  This is similar to a system in some countries where there are separate subway cars for women.  Here is an article about this phenomenon:

1)  Critics of this policy say it is discriminatory.  Do you think the taxis discriminate against men?

2)  Critics also say that pink taxis do not solve the serious "social problem" of sexual harassment.  How would you respond to this criticism?

3)  Do you think pink taxis are a good idea?

4)  In general, taxi drivers in NY City have acquired a terrible reputation.  They often cheat passengers and are rude.  Do you have any taxi driver "horror stories?"

5)  Do you think separate subway cars should also be established in major cities for women?

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