Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Are These Stray Dogs "Political Prisoners"?

The following story is very meaningful to me since I used to be a real dog lover.  In fact, in the neighborhood in Chicago, where I grew up, I used to try to feed stray dogs and often took stray dogs home and tried to keep them. (A 'stray' dog is a dog without a home.).  My parents had a two-story house with a backyard, so at one point we had FIVE (big) dogs.

In this story we see that there is a huge stray dog problem in Mexico City.  In fact, it initially looked as if there were groups of wild dogs (feral dogs) which were attacking and killing people in a Mexican park (now it is believed drug gangs are killing the people and leaving them for the hungry dogs to eat).

The authorities are now rounding up stray dogs and would like to "euthanize" (kill) them.  Residents of Mexico City, however, are very upset about this issue and one person even claimed that these dogs are "political prisoners" or scapegoats (someone or something innocent which is blamed for someone else's harmful action) and that the "killer" dogs are a myth to hide the fact that drug gangs are so powerful in Mexico City.



(update: Now many people are asserting that the dogs did not kill the victims.  It is being asserted that drug gangs are killing these people and leaving them for the dogs to eat them.)

1)  What do you think should be done about this stray dog problem?  Will spaying and neutering be enough? (Spaying and neutering means that veterinarians - animal doctors - perform an operation to make sure a dog cannot reproduce.)

2)  If people are being killed by packs of wild dogs, this is certainly a serious problem.  Do you think the authorities are justified in rounding up these dogs and euthanizing them?

3)  What else can the authorities do in regard to this situation?

4)  What can the people of Mexico City do?

5)  There are many human political prisoners in jails around the world, but it seems that an entire city has become obsessed with justice for 25 dogs.  Does this seem peculiar to you?  Why do we sometimes seem to care more about animals than our fellow human beings (and I ask this as a dog lover myself!)?

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