Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New York Police Handcuff and Interrogate 7 Year Old Boy

A few days ago I posted a story of how the NY Police Department arrested an Italian tourist because he had forgotten to bring his wallet to a restaurant.  A couple days before that I posted a story about how the New York Police Department arrested a couple (in their 50s) for dancing on a subway platform.  Today, here's an incredible story of how the NY Police Department arrested a 7 year old child.

To be honest with you, most of my private students seem to realize that the NY Police Department has a terrible reputation and wonder why, every few days, there seems to be another scandal.  Just today I was discussing an incident that happened last year, in Times Square, where the police shot a man who was carrying a knife.  The police shot numerous times at this man even though there were many hundreds of people standing by the area. My student assured me this would never have happened in her home country. She was shocked that this occurred.

Why does the NYPD act the way it does?

This could be a legacy of the Giuliani years.  Giuliani was a NY Mayor who seemed to encourage the NY Police Department to be super aggressive.   Giuliani wanted to demonstrate that he was tough on crime, but seemed to encourage the police to overstep professional standards in his quest to fight crime.  This kind of "cowboy" mentality still seems to pervade the department.

Until New York City finds a Mayor and a Police Chief who are interested in justice and interested in ending these police abuses, these abuses are going to continue.
Postscript:  Again today there is ANOTHER bizarre story of NYPD abuse.  A police officer killed himself because he apparently was being sexually harassed by a superior officer. The NYPD really seems to be like an unregulated zoo.

1)  Compared to the NYPD, what is your home city's police department like?

2)  What do you think the Mayor or Police Commissioner should do about all of these obvious police abuses?

3)  Last year 2,004 law suits were filed against the NYPD.  That means 5 law suits were filed each day.  Does this seem to indicate that there is a problem with the NYPD that the Mayor and Police Chief are ignoring?

Yes, I'm the guy who created the scandal in Asia two years ago :P

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