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A New Book about Dominique Strauss-Kahn

I found an interesting article from a web site that students learning English might like:

Basically they work with various foreign newspapers to identify interesting stories and then they translate them into English and post them online.  It's a nice way to read good stories from around the world.

So I picked a story about DSK.  I have to be honest - I feel a little sorry for him.  It seems pretty apparent that the woman who accused him of rape in New York City was an inveterate liar who wanted to make money, and she, basically, destroyed the career of a person who did some good things when he worked at the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

So now someone else who had sex with DSK has written a book about DSK, calling him a "pig."  I have to be honest again.  It's safe to call him a pig now and a person can make some money calling him a pig.  But Bill Clinton was a pig and he's generally admired around the world.  We have an expression in English: "Don't kick a person when he is down."  Maybe the expression should be changed to: "Please don't make money by kicking a person when he is down." This woman writes some terrible things about him.

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

to accuse someone of something - to say someone did something wrong or illegal

rape - when a man forces himself sexually on a woman

inveterate - an inveterate liar is a chronic liar, or someone who always lies

"Don't kick a person when he is down." The expression means: If a person is experiencing difficulties, it is not right to attack him at that time.  Do not attack a person who is suffering.

lurid - a lurid story is a gossipy story with a lot of embarrassing details, or a story involving violence or other "sensational" details.  Lurid stories are meant to attract people to read certain types of newspapers.

a poodle is a type of dog

an affair - when someone who is married has sex with another person. OK< sorry for saying this, but if this woman had an affair with a married guy, she is not also half woman-half pig?  Oooops, did I say that?  OMG, just leave DSK alone.  Don't kick a guy when he's down.

disgraced - no longer respected

back in the spotlight - back in public attention.  The spotlight is a light that is shined on performers during a stage show.

a tell-all book - a book in which the 'writer' claims to reveal everything that happened

explicitly - openly. So she doesn't say that the person she had the affair with was DSK, but everyone knows whom she is writing about. (I'm confused because it looks as if she does mention his name in the book.)

mixing fiction with reality - The opposite of fiction is non-fiction.  A work of fiction is a creative work which did not happen.  Basically, she doesn't want to get sued.  To get sued means to be taken to court and forced to pay someone money because you said something you knew to be untrue about the person.

excerpts - little pieces

the realm - the kingdom. "The realm of the pig..." basically she is saying he is a pig - he lives in the kingdom of the pig.

"He is an artist of the gutter, a poet of the abject and of dirt..." - basically she is saying that he is such a dirty pig that he is kind of beautiful, because few people can be as dirty as he can be. Basically she is saying he is a genius at being disgusting - he's like an artist of the disgusting. A gutter is an area where you find garbage on the street.  Abject means hopeless. Personally, I heard this guy helped many poor countries as president of the IMF, so I would not agree with her assessment.

penned like an open-letter - written as if it is a letter to the general public

vulgar macho - a dirty guy who acted like a tough man; a macho guy acts as if he is very strong and tough

a mistress - a term for a woman who has sex with a married guy

a dog in heat - a dog that wants to have sex

the appropriate organs to accomodate you - as long as she was willing to have sex

a swingers club - a place to have random sex

an orgy - when several people have sex together at one time

a whore - a prostitute.  A woman who sells her body for money.

There are some terms in this story that I do not feel comfortable translating on the internet: blow-job, for instance.  Oh hell, OK, a blow-job is a type of oral sex.  What's oral sex?  It's when a person uses his/her mouth to give another person pleasure "down there." :P

to seduce someone - to try to get the person to fall in love with you or to have sex with you

1)  Why do you think she wrote this book?

2)  Do you even care about DSK's sexual life?

3)  If this woman had sex with a married guy, does she have the right to call him a pig?

4)  What if a person is doing wonderful things publicly, and helping people, but he is kind of a dirty guy?  Should we stop him from doing good things in the world just because he's a dirty guy?


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