Wednesday, February 20, 2013

US To Take Action against Chinese Cyber-theft?

Apparently the Chinese government has been condoning (approving) the hacking of US corporate computers so that Chinese companies can steal American business secrets.  It looks as if the president of the United States has finally realized this is a serious problem and he is threatening to take action against China.

Vocabulary to help you with the article (I listed interesting words from the first page of the article):

unrelenting - non-stop, it won't stop

a campaign - a major effort

prompting - causing to prompt - to cause

new measures - new attempts to stop Chinese cyber-theft

a fine - if someone is given a fine, they have to pay money as a punishment

espionage - spying

to be guilty - the opposite of to be innocent; if you are guilty of something, you did something wrong

anonymity - to be anonymous means to hide your name or identity

not authorized to do something - they do not have permission to speak about these matters

breaches - violations

that compromised companies - that violated the security and secret information of the companies

to be flawed - to have mistakes in it

a torrent of details - a lot of details, a torrent is like a river

alleged - apparent, is someone is alleged to have done something, people are claiming he/she did something

retaliation - revenge, to get even, to hurt someone who has hurt you

where the red line is - the person is saying we need to set standards for the Chinese and tell them that if they violate these standards we will punish them

repercussions - negative consequences, a repercussion is something bad that happens after someone does something wrong


1)  Considering the fact that the USA cannot start a war against China, what do you think Obama should do?


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