Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Things Are Like in The Vatican (An Insider's View)

Here is an interesting article that translated from a Polish newspaper.

It is an insider's account of what life is like in the Vatican for a woman.  This is the little city in which the Pope lives and works. The Catholic Church does not allow women to become "priests." A priest is the main type of "employee" of the Catholic Church - priests run the Church.  It looks as if Vatican City is a male-dominated place where women are not even allowed to dress in what might be considered "sexy" clothes.

The article is below the vocabulary words.

an insider - someone who has been "inside" an organization or place that few people have been inside

to have a right to do something - i.e.  I have a right to say whatever I think!  Or:  He didn't have a right to treat me that way!  Literally, "a right to do something" means you have the ability, protected by law, to do something.  It is usually used more informally.

the papal Swiss guard - these are guards from Switzerland; papal refers to the Pope.  Sometimes worldcrunch makes slight grammar mistakes.  It should be "...members of the papal Swiss guard."

The Holy See - another term for the Vatican.

diplomatic corps - the group of diplomats in the Vatican

to face the glare of global media - to glare at a person is to deeply stare at (look at) the person.  A glare is when someone does this. The global media will be watching the Vatican closely.

a successor - a follower

gendarmerie - these are soldiers who act as police officers

a terrarium -  a place where you can grow little plants

a prelate - a high-ranking member of the Catholic Church

confidential - nobody else ever hears what was talked about

an academic - a professor

Advent and Easter - two religious holidays

a wreath - a circular ornament made of leaves

liturgic - holy days, religious holidays

masses - these are what Catholic religious services are called

a chapel - a small church

divorce - when a married couple breaks up.  Again worldcrunch makes a mistake - it should be: "there was one divorced couple..."

to have an affair - when someone who is married has sex with someone else

to commit suicide - suicide is a noun.  You 'commit" suicide

a love triangle - when three people are involved in an affair

gynecologist - a doctor that specializes in the care of women

a maternity clinic - a clinic for women about to give birth

to be affiliated with - connected with; i.e. My doctor is affiliated with Beth Sinai Hospital.

duration - length of time

a drawback - the opposite of a drawback is a benefit

to be frowned upon - a frown is the opposite of a smile; when someone frowns upon something, he/she disapproves of something.  This is a very useful expression.  Although it is not illegal, the practice of abortion is frowned upon in many American states. (Abortion is when a pregnancy is medically ended before a child is born.)

1)  Do you think women should be priests and have a greater role in the Catholic Church?  Or can you accept this "tradition"?

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