Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Australian Grocery Store Charges $5 Just To Look at The Food

This article is pretty easy to read and kind of funny.

An Australian grocery store/supermarket charges people $5 just to enter the store and look at the food.

The title of the article has the verb: "to combat" something; this means "to fight in order to stop" something. "Showrooming" means that a person goes to a real store, looks at the stuff, and then goes home and purchases the stuff online.  "Showrooming" often occurs with computer items, so it seems unusual that people would go to a supermarket to look at food before going home and buying it online.

Most companies that are worried about "showrooming" usually make sure that the prices of the stuff they have are fair prices compared to online sales.

By the way, there is a grammar/spelling mistake in the following article.  The article begins: "Stores Charges.."  It should be "A Store Charges..." It's hard to believe a web site would make a mistake like that.

The article:



1) Do you think this store is justified in regard to this type of policy?

2)  Would you pay $5 to enter this type of store?  Would you deliberately avoid this type of store?

3) Do you ever do this - go into a store just to compare prices with other stores?  Do you think there
is anything wrong with that?

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