Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Universe Is Pretty Old

I want to try to present more scientific articles, so here's an article about the age of the universe.

The article:


the best map yet - the best map so far, up until this time

100 million = 100,000,000

cosmic - pertaining to the universe.  The universe is also called the cosmos

a microwave is a type of energy carrying wave that can travel through space

on the edge of their seats - eagerly waiting, very eager, anxiously waiting,

profoundly - deeply

a space mission - a mission is an activity meant to accomplish some goal

The Big Bang - this was the beginning of the universe when there was a sudden "explosion" from a single point.  Nobody knows what came before the Big Bang or what caused the Big Bang.  One philosopher once wrote, in Latin: Ignoramus et ignorabimus.  We don't know and we will never know.

dense - if something is dense it is filled tightly, for example dense traffic, or a dense crowd

to get mired in - to get stuck in

plasma - not a solid and not a liquid, in between solid and liquid and usually very hot; plasma can come from a volcano as well

protons, electrons and neutrons - particles that make up an atom. Atoms make up molecules.

precious - valuable

embedded in it - stuck inside it, found inside it

to be uniform - to be the same everywhere

to display - to show

variations in temperature - changes in temperature

to correspond to - to equal

fluctuations - changes

to clump - to group together

which posits - which suggests

random - not deliberate, not chosen or designed

tantalizing - teasing

to peel layers - if you wear many layers of clothing you have clothing on top of clothing. To peel off these layers means to remove them.

a constituent - a part of something else

an anomaly - something strange

to link - to join


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