Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Anthony Weiner Wants To Run for Mayor of New York City?

This is a weird story.

Anthony Weiner used to be a US Congressman.  Congressmen and women make the laws in the USA. They work in Washington D.C.

Anthony Weiner also used to enjoy having cyber-sex (sex over the internet).  He sent 'dirty' email messages to various women around the country and on one day he accidentally sent out a photo of his penis to thousands of people on his twitter account.  What's a penis?  Boys have penises, girls don't. :P

He might have been forgiven for that, but he publicly lied to cover that matter up.  Basically, he said, "That's not my penis! Someone hacked into my twitter account and sent another guy's penis to the world!!!"

No.  It was Weiner's penis. Weiner had to admit it was his penis.  Even Obama encouraged him to resign (quit his job).

So he lied to the people of New York to try to save himself.

Now, he's back.  Actually, he has to try to make a come-back because he has never held a real job in his life.  He has been a career politician since his early 20s (when another career-politician - Chuck Schumer - helped him enter NY politics).  Basically Weiner has no job skills - he is just a politician. He has always lived off the money of New York tax payers.

Yeah, he's got a tight body, you would too if you spent 20 years living off our tax dollars and hanging out at the gym! :P :P :P

So now he wants to run for office in New York City. Indeed, he wants to become mayor of New York (the leader of New York).

I will try to list interesting vocabulary words and define them when I have some time.  Sorry - I'm a little overwhelmed these days...I have to do my taxes and a few other things. :P


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