Monday, April 29, 2013

"Wow!" - A Prisoner (Inmate) Enjoyed His Execution?

Here is a story either about spite or ecstasy.

A spiteful action is an action taken just to bother, annoy or even harm another person.  Ecstasy is a feeling of extreme joy (or euphoria).

In America many states have capital punishment. This is an extreme form of punishment in which a prisoner (a murderer) is executed.  To be executed means to be killed by the government.

In America, we use a system of execution called "lethal injection."  Lethal means deadly.  An injection is when a needle is inserted under a person's skin to administer a drug.  So lethal injection refers to the process in which an intravenous drug (a drug administered through a needle) kills a person who has committed murder.

However, the person who is going to die usually has two different needles inserted into his arm, connected to two different types of drugs.  One drug will put the prisoner to sleep and then the second drug will kill the prisoner.

In the following story, after the sleeping drug was released into the prisoner's system, he smiled and yelled out "Wow!" and expressed that the feeling of the drug was pleasant and that he was thankful for the experience!

But, was he really thankful, or was he being spiteful?

At an execution, the family of the victim is often present.  So the family members of the person this murderer killed were there to watch the execution.  They, obviously, wanted to see the murderer of their family member suffer - even if he just suffered emotionally facing an early death.  But by yelling out that he enjoyed the experience, and thanking people for giving him the experience, the family members of the victim were denied (not given) the satisfaction of seeing him suffer.

As you can see in the following article, one family member said this death was too easy.  It looked as if the prisoner had just fallen asleep.

1)  Do you believe in capital punishment?

2)  Do you think that capital punishment should be "painful" so that the family members of the victim can feel some sense of satisfaction?

3)  Why do you think this system of execution was made to seem so safe and painless?

4)  Do you feel that an early death is enough suffering for a murderer who will be executed?

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