Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Does McDonalds sell 'junk' food?

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer - the top person/leader at McDonalds) claims that they do not sell 'junk food.'  He claims that all of the ingredients of the food at McDonalds are 'real' ingredients. 

What do you think? To be honest with you, I stopped eating at McDonalds a long time ago.  I am not sure they care about my health.

The article:


junk food - junk means garbage. Junk food would be food that does not provide nutrition or food that can be used effectively by the body.  'Waste' food might also be a term for 'junk' food.

fast-food chain - a chain is a group of stores using the same brand name. McDonalds is a famous chain of food stores.  KFC is another.

shareholders - people who have invested money in McDonalds.  They placed their money  into McDonalds by buying McDonalds' stock.

an option - a choice

obesity - fatness.  If a person is obese, he/she is FAT, really fat.

epidemic - an epidemic is when a health problem is out of control.  There is an obesity epidemic in America because there are too many fat people and the number of fat people is growing every year.  An epidemic is, basically, a bad health situation that keeps getting worse. AIDs is a kind of epidemic in Africa.

This sentence in the article is written in REALLY bad English.  It doesn't make any sense:

"My medical and public health colleagues the world over have repeatedly acknowledged the science I think McDonald’s-style fast food and the fast food practices to the decline in children’s health and McDonald’s has yet to make substitute changes," the doctor, Andrew Bremer, said to Thompson. 

I think the sentence should be:  My medical and public health colleagues (co-workers) the world over have repeatedly (over and over again) acknowledged the scientific fact that McDonalds harms children.  I think McDonalds style fast food and the fast food practices are leading to a decline (decrease) in children's health and McDonald's doesn't care and isn't changing anything. 

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