Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some astronomers have developed the oldest 'map' of the universe

So some astronomers have been able to determine what the universe looked like about 400,000 years after the 'big bang'.  The 'big bang' is what astronomers call the beginning of the universe - when something happened and the universe began to expand (get larger) from a single point in space and time. 

They still can't answer the questions:

How could something come from nothing? Or:  How could something always have existed?

So astronomers seem to be excited that they can learn a lot more about how the universe expanded.  Greater satisfaction would come from answering the two questions above.

Here's a funny rhyme:

How could something come from nothing? 
How could something always be?
It's the riddle you can't answer...
It's the answer you can't see.

The article:

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