Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vocabulary Exercise for "Cannibalism at Jamestown"

Please test yourself on these 9 words.  Please feel free to take a look at the article "Cannibalism at Jamestown" to review these vocabulary words.  Answers are below the exercise.

Here is the initial posting. Please review the posting before doing the exercise:

Words to be used:

to confirm, evidence, to figure something out
to butcher, to resort to, to be executed
a casualty, to unearth, sparingly

1)  About 4,000 American soldiers were killed in the Iraq War, which started in 2003.  These were not the only ______________ however.  Many American soldiers were wounded and thousands and thousands of Iraqis were killed or wounded.

2)  I am not sure whether I can make it to the meeting tomorrow morning.  I will call you and _____________ whether I can make it, tonight.

3)  Sugary soft drinks like Coca Cola can have adverse (negative) side effects if a person drinks too much of this type of beverage.  However, if you drink soft drinks _______________, you should be OK.

4)  Most people are very peaceful and kind, but almost everyone will ____________ violence if his/her life is threatened.

5)  Recently archeologists have been able to ____________ incredible religious artifacts from the ancient Mayan civilization.

6)  There is a lot of ______________ that North Korea sank a South Korean ship in 2010, but some people feel there is no concrete (real) proof.

7)  I would really like to travel to Vietnam.  I hear it is an amazing country of lovely people and beautiful scenery.  I need to ________________ how I am going to get enough money to travel there, however!

8)  Some animal rights activists say that if we all had to slaughter (kill) and _____________ our own food, we would all be vegetarians.

9)  People who oppose capital punishment (the killing of criminals by the government) say that if you look at states in America where prisoners are ____________, you will see that this form of punishment does not lower the numbers of violent crime or murder.  Indeed, in states that have capital punishment, murder rates often increase!

Answers are below:

Keep going.....

Keep going....

A little farther......

Don't stop now!  Just a little more.....

Here they are:


1) casualties
2) confirm
3) sparingly
4)  resort to
5) unearth
6) evidence
7) figure out
8) butcher
9) executed

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