Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vocabulary Exercise For: Riots in Sweden

The vocabulary words are taken from this article (please review the definitions of the words at this link before doing the exercise):

Words to be used:

to beef up, a suburb, a riot,
to abate, to vandalize, to hurl,
to be sparked by, to confirm, ambivalence,
to swell, looting, to be deprived,


1)  In the story of David and Goliath, David is able to ___________ a stone at a giant and kill him, thus saving his own army from defeat (losing a battle).

2)  During riots, young people often express their outrage (extreme anger) by ______________ various buildings around town.  Often they will break windows or set buildings on fire.

3)  The pain in my back would not go away until my doctor prescribed some very strong medication.  Slowly but surely the pain began to ____________ until finally it disappeared.

4)  Although my new website was not receiving many views, once people started recommending it to their friends and information about it started to spread, I noticed that the number of views began to _____________.

5)  When people argue about controversial issues, they rarely show a sense of ________________.  In regard to abortion, capital punishment and gay marriage, people usually have very strong and well-defined beliefs.

6)  One of the most famous ___________ in America happened in 1993 in Los Angeles.  After police officers were found 'not-guilty' of beating a black man, many black people took to the streets and began burning cars and buildings.

7)  Whenever there is an increase in crime in a city, the city government will usually try to ________________ its police presence.  This is often a short-term solution - a long term solution might be to try to eliminate poverty and violent neighborhoods in the city.

8)  When I was younger my parents seriously thought of moving from Chicago to a nearby ______________.  The thought of living away from the city horrified me, and they stayed in the city for my benefit.

9)  The divorce between my friend and his wife was _______________ by the fact that his wife was seeing another guy.

10)  It seems that the more economically ______________ a neighborhood is, the more violence there will be there.

11) After natural disasters in America, there always seems to be _____________; people take advantage of the situation to break into stores to steal things.

12)  Although Bob claimed that Joe had stolen his smartphone at school, the police were not able to ________________ that this happened, and they did nothing to help Bob.

Answers are below:


1) hurl
2) vandalizing
3) abate
4) swell
5) ambivalence
6) riots
7) beef up
8) suburb
9) sparked
10) deprived
11) looting
12) confirm

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