Monday, June 3, 2013

Vocabulary Review 1 for "Is Erdogan mishandling..."

This blog has some AMAZING vocabulary review exercises.  These are all highly useful words you will hear and see a lot if you are learning English.

This review is from this link:

Please review the vocabulary definitions from the link above, before you do this review.

Answers are below the exercises:

Words to be used:

undeterred, a bum, to compromise,
to reject, palpable, a confrontation,
to overreact, to convey, authoritarian

1)  The protesters in the park were acting peacefully.  They were engaged in what Americans call "civil disobedience."  This is when citizens peacefully act in a way to show their displeasure toward the government or a government policy.  They did not expect to have a violent ________________ with the police in which hundreds of people were injured and some killed.

2)  The methods that have been used to ___________ information around the world have changed over the centuries.  Once information had to travel from the USA to England through a trans-Atlantic cable.  Now, in a millisecond, a person can communicate with anyone in the world over the internet.

3)  Even though the USA, Japan and South Korea have imposed sanctions (economic punishments) on North Korea, this country's government seems to remain _______________. They continue taking threatening actions against South Korea, the USA and Japan.

4)  Many people in New York City have learned that they should not give money to __________ who beg on the street.  There are numerous programs where the homeless can receive free food, medical help and clothing, as well as job training (if they want it).

5)  The US Constitution tried to make it impossible for a president to become too _______________. Although he is called 'the most powerful person in the world," this is not true.  The president's power is limited by The Congress and the Supreme Court.

6)  When a person buys flowers for his/her lover on Valentine's Day, he/she shows his/her affection in a quite ______________ way.

7)  When protesters had taken over Zuccotti Park in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg did not _______________ by sending in the police to attack the demonstrators.  He waited until the right time before he took action and peacefully removed the protesters who had illegally camped in the park.

8)  Although Bob needed a job, he felt that the salary offer of the company that wanted to hire him was too low; therefore he ______________ the offer.

9)  When Bill Clinton was president, he was known to _____________ a great deal.  This meant that he found some middle ground with people who disagreed with him, and he was able to get his policies passed as laws.



1) confrontation
2) convey
3) undeterred 
4) bums 
5) authoritarian
6) palpable
7) overreact
8) rejected
9) compromise

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