Monday, July 1, 2013

Life inside a refugee camp for Syrians

Here's a short article about the world's second largest refugee camp. Dadaab - a refugee camp for Somalian refugees - seems to be the largest in the world (based on what I was able to learn independently of the article).

Obviously the war in Syria has to end, yet it seems evident that if Obama supplies weapons to the 'rebels,' the war will continue. Indeed, if the rebels win, there will be another extremist Islamic government in that region.

The article:

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

a refugee - someone who has to flee (escape) his/her home country in order to avoid being harmed in a war.

fled - past tense of flee.  flee, fled, fled

bordering - next to

to ensure - to make sure of

an exclusive interview - an interview only given to this source

a tragedy - in this case, suffering and pain due to the war

brutal - merciless, cruel, harsh, inhumane

a special envoy - a special messenger or spokesperson, like a special ambassador, or a famous person who can bring attention to a problem for the UN

to highlight the crisis - to draw greater attention to it

traumatized - if you are traumatized by something, you have seen or experienced something terrible and have been psychologically harmed

wounded - harmed

impacted by - affected by

a spill over into - the war might move into neighboring countries

a detonator - this is a device on a bomb that causes the bomb to explode.  If Syria is a detonator, it means it can cause wars to happen in other countries.



Do you think that having Angelina Jolie publicize or highlight the suffering in this camp is going to change anything? 

Even if this might not change anything, do you think the U.N. still needs to highlight the suffering of the Syrian people?  Why/why not?

Do you feel that Russia and the USA are to blame for this crisis?  If so, how?

What do you think the U.N. should do about this situation?

Should the USA supply guns to the Syrian rebels (those who are fighting against the dictatorship of Assad)?

Is there anything else the Obama administration can do to end this war (after all, President Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize 'winner.')?

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