Saturday, July 6, 2013

McDonalds fails in Bolivia

It looks as if McDonalds has failed in Bolivia because the people there simply don't want to eat the food.  I found the following website which reports the fact that McDonalds is being forced to leave Bolivia. Indeed, the website: has become a favorite site now among some of my private students.  They say it's a good site from which to learn about healthful living/eating strategies.

The link is long, but if you click on it I think you'll see that it's worth reading. This story has some AMAZING vocabulary and expressions and idioms. (Why is the link so long? :P)

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

to reject fast food - to refuse to eat it, to not choose an option that is possible is to reject the option (choice)

the gateway to bliss:  the way someone can find happiness. bliss means happiness.  The author is making fun of McDonalds here - he/she is saying that the people of Bolivia do not view McDonalds as a way to be happy or to enjoy food.  "Golden arches" refers to the giant M in front of most McDonalds.  So, to the author, the giant M is like a gateway (a way into a yard or protected area).

the barrage of advertising - the huge amount of advertising.  The country isn't falling for the barrage of advertising - the country isn't being influenced by McDonalds' advertising.  Literally, a barrage is when many guns are shot at one time at an enemy army.

easily engulf countries - in this case to engulf a country means to make a country want your product.  To engulf something is literally to swallow something.

mass production method - McDonalds' food is mass produced - large amounts are produced very quickly.

turns Bolivians off - if something turns you off, it makes you feel bad about something.  i.e.  Although she is a very attractive woman, I was turned off by her selfish attitude.

an indigenous population - they come from people who were there before Europeans arrived.  Basically they are "Indians."

to step foot in - to enter

to coax people - to encourage people, to persuade people

they shooed me away - they chased me away

that stuck it out - that tried to succeed even though it was difficult; if you stick something out, you keep trying even though your situation is tough (difficult).

persistent - not stopping

flexing its deep pockets - if you have deep pockets, you have a lot of money.  To flex your muscles is to show how strong you are.  So to flex its deep pockets means to use its huge amount of money.

operating in the red - operating at a financial loss.

to have folded - if a business folds, it stops operating - it goes out of business.

a fast food agenda - a fast food plan or purpose.

impact - influence.  I don't understand this seems to me that McDonalds had ZERO impact in Bolivia.

stemmed from - came from

the mindset - the attitude
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