Monday, August 5, 2013

Test your vocabulary from the Mapuche story

The vocabulary for this exercise was taken from this posting:

Please review the meanings of the vocabulary words there before attempting the exercise:

a raid, a blaze, sporadic, conspicuously, to sabotage, to escalate, prompt, arbitrary, a dispute

1.  It is common knowledge that President John Kennedy was the first president to send soldiers to Vietnam in 1961.  However, it was President Lyndon Johnson who chose to _____________ the American involvement in that war.

2.  Although they are allies, for many years now Korea and Japan have engaged in a ___________ over who possesses an island between the two countries.  Korea calls the island Dokdo and Japan calls it Takeshima.

3.  After 10 years of searching for Osama bin Laden, he was located in Pakistan and the Obama administration launched a _____________ to execute him in his compound (the place where he lived).

4.  "Due process" is a legal term which means that if a person is accused of doing something wrong, the process by which he is judged must not be ______________.  There have to be well-established and fair procedures which will be followed.

5.  At first the pain in my back was ___________.  Later the pain would not seem to go away and I had to go to the doctor for help.

6.  The ___________ which was started in the World Trade Center tower was so intense that it was able to melt the steel structure of the building.

7.  During World War II the French underground fighters against the Nazis often _______________ German military equipment or even railroad track systems.

8.  I believe it is important for me to be ___________ for any appointment.  Indeed, I usually show up well ahead of time.

9.  When people buy designer goods, they often wear the brand label _____________ on the item as a sign of prestige. (something prestigious is something that makes others admire you).

Answers are below:


1.  escalate
2.  dispute
3.  raid
4.  arbitrary
5.  sporadic
6.  blaze
7.  sabotaged
8.  prompt
9.  conspicuously

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