Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vocabulary review for the California wildfire article

The vocabulary words in this exercise come from this posting:

Please read the posting before you attempt the exercise.

Vocabulary words:

a blaze, to flee, a reservoir, evacuation, teeming, rugged, peak season

Many people who have lived in New York City hate walking through the Times Square area.  This area is always _____________ with tourists and it is difficult to walk quickly through the area.

Is there a _____________ for tourism in New York City?  Some people might say it's the summer because people take vacations at that time and come to the Big Apple.  Some people think most tourists come here around Christmas time because of the amazing Christmas atmosphere in New York.

Although it started as a small fire, it soon became a ___________ because the house was made of very old and dry wood.

Some people like riding their bicycles in the city, but I like more ___________ terrain and so I like going mountain biking.

In the movie China Town, politicians who have been bribed (have taken money illegally) by certain businessmen let water run out of the city's ______________ so that they can make it seem as if there is a water shortage.  They do this because they want farmers to fail and sell their land cheaply to the businessmen.

Every day thousands of people are ____________ from Syria into neighboring countries.

During Hurricane Sandy, people in certain parts of New York City and new Jersey were told there might have to be an __________________ in their areas.  They were assisted in moving to a safer location. 

Answers are below:


1. teeming
2. peak season
3. blaze
4. rugged
5. reservoir
6. fleeing
7. evacuation

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