Monday, September 16, 2013

Vietnamese 'dognappers' are being beaten to death

For dog lovers, this is a serious topic.  Indeed, I consider myself to be a huge dog lover. When I was a child I even fed stray dogs (dogs without homes) in my neighborhood.

Apparently in countries where restaurants serve dog meat, there are dognappers (a kidnapper steals a child, so a dognapper steals a dog) who steal dogs that belong to families.  It is too difficult to catch stray dogs, because they do not trust people and run away from everyone. The dognappers find it easier to steal dogs which have been pets, since these dogs are friendly and trusting.

In Vietnam hundreds of people in a village caught two dognappers and beat these men to death. To be honest with you, part of me says, "Good!" but the better part of me thinks this was excessive (too severe a punishment).    

Here's the article.  It's from a Bangkok newspaper, so the English toward the end of the article isn't that good.  The vocabulary in the article is relatively basic, so there is no need for me to list or define the words. I just wanted to pass this article on.

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