Sunday, October 13, 2013

Test your intermediate English vocabulary

to abandon – to get rid of, to leave behind
abundant – more than enough
an optimist – someone who always sees the bright side of things
to plummet – to drop quickly, to fall
a quest – a search for something important or meaningful
chronological order – to order a set from earliest to latest
to collaborate – to work together with others instead of competing
retaliation – getting revenge
unanimous – everyone agrees
to dissent – to disagree with what a majority of people believe
domestic – dealing with your home
to vow – to promise
meager – not much
a controversy – a topic or issue that causes people to argue
an innovation – something new

King Arthur and his knights were never bored – each of them was constantly engaged in some type of ___________ and they all sought to find the Holy Grail.  

When students learn US History they often go through it in _________________, although some teachers like to teach ‘themes’ instead. 

Are our schools too competitive?  Might it not be better if students _______________ with each other and learned better social skills? 

A jury’s decision has to be ________________.  If even one person dissents, there can be no real verdict. 

This will be my first international flight, although I have taken many ____________ flights around the USA. 

I loved my old Converse All Stars but they were getting old and I needed a new pair of casual shoes, so I _______________ them for some cool new running shoes. 

The internet seems to have been around forever, but I can still remember in the 90s when this was an ___________________ and people were thinking about what might be possible from it. 

Capital punishment remains a huge ______________.  Should the state have the right to execute criminals if they have killed others? 

Many economists have pointed out that there should not be any cases of world hunger since the amount of food being produced now is ___________________. 

Many world religions do not believe in the morality of _________________. They recommend that a person should show mercy and forgive others.

Answers are below: 


chronological order

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