Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 useful higher-level English words

irreverent - not respectful, showing contempt toward someone or something
to dispel - to force something away, to get rid of something
to coax - to persuade through gentle means
to exasperate - to make a person very annoyed or angry (adj = to be exasperated)
zealous - very enthusiastic or aggressive about something, overly enthusiastic about something

I really didn't want to leave the house this weekend but my kids were able to ____________ me into taking them to the zoo.

Joe seemed to be a good employee during his first few weeks, but he has been making one mistake after another and this has started to _________________ me.

Satire is a type of literature in which an _______________ approach is taken toward some situation in order to make fun of the situation and to show that it is wrong.

The Tea Party - a new political party in America - has been accused of being too __________________ in regard to its attacks on President Obama and people of color in the USA.

Our boss held a special meeting to ____________ all the rumors that our company was going to be bought by a larger company.

answers are below:



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