Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A documentary has been made about Jeremy Lin.

Yes, I know that Jeremy Lin is no longer on the New York Knicks basketball team, but the Knicks were the first NBA team to really give him a chance. He did something incredible for that team. In return, the Knicks dumped (got rid of, abandoned) Lin and he is now playing for Houston.

Some film-makers have made a documentary about him.

Here is the article about the documentary:


Here is vocabulary to help you understand the article:

Linsanity - this is a combination of "Lin" and "insanity."  Insanity means to go crazy. Basically, people in New York and around the world went 'crazy' (they became very excited) when Lin was playing in New York.  They experienced "Linsanity!"

a breakout star - a star who plays much better than others and distinguishes himself from others

no NBA team drafted him - no team chose him during the selection process during which college players are chosen by professional teams. The selection process is called 'a draft.'

a documentary is a 'true' story that is shown using real film/video footage of real people

getting cut - being released from a team, getting kicked off a team, being removed from a team

a free agent - basically this means nobody wanted him, he was free to try to get on any team he wanted to

an underdog - someone not expected to win

racial taunts - a taunt is a statement meant to be insulting and to make a person angry. A racial taunt is a statement about the person's race meant to upset the person.  So people attacked Lin because he was Asian.

spectators - people watching the game

an amateur - a non-professional

the film recounts - the film shows again

an overnight sensation - someone who becomes hugely famous very quickly

innuendos - subtle statements meant to insult or upset a person

a chink in the armor - this insult is going to be difficult to explain.  First of all, a 'chink in one's armor' means a flaw or a weakness that a person has.  Here's armor:

So if there were a chink in this armor, that would mean there was a flaw or weakness in the armor that an enemy soldier could stick a sword through.  But the word 'chink' is also a nasty slang term for a Chinese person.  So the sportswriter deliberately used the word 'chink' in the sentence as an insult toward Jeremy Lin.

a stereotype - this is the common but false way that certain people are thought to be, based on how they look.  For example, certain stereotypes: Asians are good at math, Germans are hard-workers, Italians belong to the mafia etc.

inspirational - if something inspires you, it motivates you, it makes you want to keep trying

a roster - the list of players who are on the team

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