Saturday, January 11, 2014

Check your higher-order English vocabulary (10 words)

conciliating - when you try to make an angry person feel more calm about a situation

to quell something - basically it means to stop something or to suppress something

prudence - if you are a careful person, you are probably prudent.  Prudence means doing things only after you've really considered what the consequences might be.

lustrous - shining

to solicit s/t - to ask for something

Answers are below the exercise:

I love going to the MET Museum in New York City and seeing the _____________ armor that the knights of the Middle Ages wore.

Gout is a very painful disease that makes one of your big toes hurt (alot!).  Luckily there is an ointment that can _______________ the pain while your body takes care of eliminating the gout.
(An ointment is a liquid type of medicine that you rub on a body part.)

I really don't think we should give anything to beggars who _________________ money.  There are many free food and clothing programs for them in the city, and the city will even help them find jobs and housing.

Sophia was wonderfully ___________________ with me.  I became so angry but she was very kind and understanding and helped me get rid of my negative feelings.

If a person is going to take out a loan, he/she should show great ________________.  Only take out a loan if you are pretty sure you can pay it back some day.

Answers are below:



congenial - this word has two basic meanings: 1) pleasant, friendly 2) if you find a person to be congenial it's because you and that person share certain interests or values

supercilious - a supercilious person is someone who thinks he/she is better or superior to other people

cantankerous - a person who is cantankerous is difficult to get along with; this type of person is kind of nasty and bad tempered

impervious - if something is impervious, it can't be penetrated, you can't get through it

an iconoclast -  this is the type of person who enjoys attacking what everyone else believes in; iconoclasts are generally 'good' for a society since they attack ideas or beliefs which may be wrong

Answers are below the exercise:

In Italian universities in the 1500s, the philosophy of Aristotle dominated the study of science.  Galileo, however, was an ___________________ who openly attacked this philosophy by showing that it did not explain what he had actually observed through his telescope. 

Some cell membranes allow a wide variety of substances into the cell while some are more selective. No cell membrane is ever, however, totally ____________________. Each cell has to admit some substances.

Joe was an amazing athlete and could play several sports, but few colleges wanted to accept him because he had the reputation for being quite _________________ with his coaches and teammates.

The person who wrote the book "Tiger Mom" argues that Chinese mothers, like herself, are "superior" to all other mothers.  Yet, she seems like a very ____________________ person from a privileged background who likes to look down on people who were not as fortunate or blessed as she was. 

From his email messages, Bob struck me as being a cantankerous guy who liked to complain.  But when I met him, I found him to be quite _________________.  He was pleasant and agreeable. 

I hate blind dates.  But, when I met Suzy, I discovered she was totally ________________. We like the same types of movies and share the same types of values.

Answers are below:



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