Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Check your higher-order English vocabulary (8 new words)

a milieu - a surrounding environment

pious - very devoted to one's religious beliefs

dingy - dirty, shabby, old and discolored

astute - to be sharp or very clever or very discerning

despicable - disgusting, shameful, something that appalls you because it is so bad

fidelity - faithfulness

reverence - extreme respect for a person or thing

blithe - carefree, showing little concern for things

Answers are below the exercise:

I prefer reading the Economist magazine because of its _______________ analysis of world events.

Because she was very young and came from a wealthy background, Victoria had a ______________ attitude toward life in general.

Is a person born a genius or does his/her childhood ________________ have to do with his/her intellectual development?

I once knew a remarkable woman named Estelle who had been married to her husband for over 50 years. Indeed, when I knew her they still loved each other and their _______________ was beyond question.

Bob goes to church each Sunday and observes all the religious holidays and even prays before he eats.  He is one of the most _______________ people I know.

The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of Tibet, but many people around the world treat him with _______________ since he seems to be a man who represents peace and mercy. 

I used to do volunteer work in which I delivered meals to senior citizens (people over 65) who could not leave their homes easily.  It was sometimes sad to see the _______________ apartments with the very old and torn furniture where some of these poor elderly people lived.

Many people were upset that the basketball player, Dennis Rodman, recently traveled to North Korea and sang "Happy Birthday" to Kim Jong Un.  Almost everybody in the world recognizes Kim as a __________________ dictator who enjoys life while his people suffer. (a dictator is a leader of a country who controls everything in the country)

Answers are below:



Here's a nice, old song by Jim Croce:

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