Monday, March 24, 2014

What's your theory about the Malaysian airplane?

It seems as if they have finally determined that the missing Malaysian airliner crashed into the Indian Ocean.

But they still don't know why this happened.

Do you have a theory?  (Basically, in this case 'theory' would mean a 'guess.')

Here's one of my theories.  The pilot seemed to belong to a political party in Malaysia that has been fighting against the dominant (more powerful) political party.  The leader of the pilot's political party was thrown in jail one day before the plane disappeared.  Maybe the pilot deliberately (not accidentally) flew the airplane to a remote area intending to commit suicide.  He might have wanted to call attention to the injustice of his party's leader being thrown in jail.

Or, another theory is that something went terribly wrong and the pilot did not know where he was flying.  He just kept flying in the dark until the plane ran out of gas.

But who knows!?

Here is an article about the discovery of where the plane crashed:,0,1632728.story

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

PM - Prime Minister, basically the leader of Malaysia

satellite analysis - did you know the first satellite was launched by Russia in October 1957?  It was called Sputnik.  A satellite orbits (goes around) the earth obtaining and sending data.  Analysis means a really precise look at what is happening; often analysis means that you break something down into smaller components to get a better idea of something.

remote - far away from everything

a mounting number - an increasing number

en route to - on their way to

to vanish - to disappear

no clue - a clue is a bit of evidence that might solve a mystery

bearing fruit - providing positive results

hijacking - taking control of an airplane away from the pilot

sabotage - deliberately destroying something

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