Thursday, April 24, 2014

Was South Korean governmental corruption responsible for the deaths of over 300 Korean young people?

According to the Economist magazine, the previous president of Korea, Lee Myung Bak, once said that corruption could be found all throughout the country of South Korea. ('Corruption' is the belief that doing wrong things - especially in regard to making money - is OK or acceptable.  Politicians and business people sometimes become 'corrupt'.)

This article seems to suggest that over 300 Korean young people died in a shipping accident due to the fact that a Korean government agency wasn't doing its job.

In this article 'corruption' is the term applied to dishonesty and unethical/immoral behavior by government and business officials.

The article:

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

a ferry - a type of ship that travels short distances, usually to take people from one shore to another

a mogul - someone who has a lot of money and power

a probe - an investigation

graft - making money illegally

to track transactions - to follow them to find their source

the structural integrity - if a ship has structural integrity it is fit or able to sail safely

a bribe - receiving money illegally to allow someone to break the law

lax inspections - not very thorough or detailed inspections - usually inspections that overlook problems

civil servants - people who work for the government

a prosecutor - a lawyer for the state who brings charges (allegations) against people who might be guilty of crimes

to be arrested - to be taken in by the police (to be taken into custody)

delved deeper - dug deeper, went farther

defunct - no longer operating

to launch an investigation - to begin an investigation

extended - in this case extended means to be given

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