Saturday, April 5, 2014

Washington Post: 25 interesting charts about America

These are some amazing charts.  They give you a real insight into stuff that's happening in the USA these days.

Please view the charts and maps below:

Vocabulary to help you understand and enjoy the charts:

a think tank - a group of 'scholars' or experts who meet to discuss political and social issues

peel back - to peel something back means to remove some type of covering to see what's really underneath

charting the nation's course - planning the direction in which the country should go

most well off - who has the most money

the top one percent - the top one percent in regard to income

gobbled up - eaten, or, in this case 'taken'

marginally - a little bit

liquid assets - you can get cash from this stuff easily

soared - rose

a permit - a license to do something

conservatives and liberals - in America a conservative believes that the government should leave businesses alone and drop taxes; liberals like to raise taxes and offer free social programs

politically toxic - politically harmful - politicians who openly call themselves liberal usually lose their elections

partisan - if a politician is partisan, he votes the way his political party wants him to vote.  

dipped - dropped

disparate - different

Protestants vs. Catholics -  what's tthe BIG difference between these religions?  Believe it or not the big difference is in the 'eucharist.' This is the piece of bread given during a Christian religious service.  The Catholic Church says it is really the body of Jesus and by eating it you will be changed.  The Protestants don't believe that.  The Catholics also have a Pope.

booze - alcoholic drinks

promoting homosexuality - encouraging homosexuality

felon voting - a felon is someone who has been convicted of a serious crime; in many states felons can't vote, and since many felons are African American, this hurts black people in general because it limits their voting numbers (according to the article)

disenfranchisement - not being able to vote

abortion - this is when a woman gets pregnant and ends the pregnancy using a medical procedure

a legislature - a place where laws are made

lag behind - they are behind and cannot catch up

peers - people who surround you, usually who live as you do and sometimes who are around the same age as you

drought - when it does not rain for a long time

a pizza joint - a place to eat pizza

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