Monday, May 19, 2014

Vietnam says "Good riddance!" to Chinese workers

If you say "Good riddance!" to someone or to a group of people, you are, basically, saying, "Good bye, I am so happy to see you leave!"  Or:  "We will be better now that you are gone!"  Did you ever hear of the phrase "to get rid of something"?  "Riddance" comes from the root of "rid".

China sent ships into Vietnamese territorial waters and has been trying to steal oil from this country.  The Vietnamese people are very upset and have been protesting (openly and publicly speaking out against this). China is now removing various workers from Vietnam.  Vietnam's response?  "Good riddance!"

An article about this story:

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

to evacuate - to remove people from a dangerous situation

a riot - when a protest becomes violent

chartered by - hired by, paid for by

unrest - protests, riots - when people are upset and start doing violent things because they are so upset

sovereignty claims - China seems to believe that many islands near other countries belong to China.  The other countries (and the rest of the world) disagree. Sovereignty means something belongs to a country.

will play well in China - will make the government of China look good to the Chinese people

a gesture - a move, an action

deploying the ships - sending the ships

reinforce the image as a victim - China wants to make it seem as if Vietnam is the bad guy, yet many Chinese people rioted against Japanese businesses a couple years ago and the Chinese government supported that violence.

a mob - a large group of violent people

nationals - people belonging to a country

overlapping territorial claims - both countries believe the area belongs to them; the area belongs to Vietnam

a standoff - nobody is winning and nobody is losing.  Go Vietnam!

an oil rig - a giant device to get oil from under the sea

labelled China's move as provocative - China is trying to start trouble.  Go Vietnam!

an impediment - an obstacle, something that might stop someone.  

deepening rather than alleviating - making things worse instead of better

prevailing - existing

to bode well - to look as if something good is going to happen

gangs intent on looting - basically, this is a lie.  Looting is when property is stolen. Often times American news sources will provide positive news about China because they are receiving funding from Chinese sources.  Go Vietnam!

authoritarian country - again, this is anti-Vietnam 'propaganda'.  I happen to know many people in this country and they would not describe the country as 'authoritarian.' China on the other hand...well, did you ever hear of Tiananmen Square?

cracked down - taken strict measures to stop something; again, there is no real journalism in America - every story is paid for by someone.

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