Sunday, June 8, 2014

A sports journalist tells Juergen Klinsman to get out of the USA (sounds good to me, as well)

I have been a World Cup soccer fan since I was very young.  I watched my first World Cup in 1982.

Like many Americans, I am disgusted by the way Juergen Klinsmann has been coaching the US team. (To feel disgusted means that something has made you feel sick, as if you want to vomit/throw up.)

Just today I learned that he is bringing over 5 players from Germany to play on the US team.  It seems that these 5 players have German mothers but American fathers.  Most of them were born in Germany and have never played in the USA.  Yet, under World Cup rules, they are eligible (qualified) to play on the US team.

This is outrageous!  (outrageous means very shocking - something outrageous also makes you very upset or angry)  The whole idea of hiring Klinsmann was for him to help develop the US soccer program - not to destroy it and replace it with guys from Germany!  He should be fired immediately and replaced with a coach who will use American talent.

OK, it's true - US soccer sucks.  It sucks because there are so many other sports here. The best athletes play baseball, basketball or football.  In fact, kids who grow up in large cities like Chicago, New York and LA just don't enjoy playing soccer.  Only rich suburban kids play soccer. (The suburbs are safe, quiet areas just outside of a city.) So our best athletes don't play this game.  That's fine - to be honest with you, nobody in the US expects the rich white kids on the US national team to play well.  We can live with that.  Just don't bring over these fake American guys - if we are going to lose, let's lose with some dignity. (dignity means self-worth or honor)

Furthermore, Klinsmann sucks as a coach.  In 2002 Rudi Voeller took the German team to the finals with Oliver Khan in goal.  Klinsmann stupidly left Khan off the 2006 team and Germany got eliminated easily by Italy (the German goal keeper missed a couple easy shots).  Klinsmann SUCKS!  

Here is the article where the journalist tells Klinsmann to just, please, leave the USA:


get out off - leave

taken some heat - received criticism, received negative assessments

a roster - a list of eligible players for a competition

his reasoning - the logic or reasons that he used to come to his decision

Post columnist - a writer for the NY Post

had no shot at winning - has no chance or hope of winning

Pardon the Interruption - the name of a TV sports show.  Pardon means the shows title means please excuse us for interrupting your day/night

gutless - lacking in courage, not having courage, being scared, being a coward

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