Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Did Suarez bite another soccer player in the World Cup?

So there seems to be a Uruguayan player who has a track record (a history) of biting other players.

Based on everything I was able to read about this player, it seems that his behavior, in general, can be erratic (not predictable, strange). I think he might have some minor mental illness - like mild autism or something. Continually punishing him will not help - I think he needs a psychological examination to determine what his problems are and he should receive help so he can be at peace with himself and live his life well.

{{Yesterday - after I posted the above - FIFA banned Suarez for four months and 9 FIFA tournament games, and fined him $112,000.  I believe this is an injustice.  Neither FIFA nor Suarez' club team seems to care about the psychological problems he has and neither group seems interested in helping him overcome his problems.}}

Here's an article about this unfortunate player:

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

a striker - a player whose job is to score goals

to face a lengthy ban - he might be forced to miss several games, he may be prevented from playing several games.

to be found guilty - the opposite of being found innocent; if you are guilty of something, you did something 'wrong'

disciplinary proceedings - a process to determine whether this player is guilty and how he should be punished if he is guilty

television footage - videotape of the match from a TV station; footage means a length of videotape

a defender - someone who tries to stop the other team from scoring

documentation - material to prove he is innocent

the sanction - the punishment

the body - the group, in this situation

the scope - how severe the punishment will be

duration - how long it will be

spitting - forcing the clear liquid in your mouth out at another player

the benchmark - the standard, so if a person spits and gets banned for 6 games, biting should require a more severe penalty

condemnation - when people attack something as having been wrong

the pictures are damning - the pictures seem to show that something wrong happened

a gumshield - a plastic device to cover one's teeth

racially abusing - attacking someone because of his skin color

stamping - stepping violently up and down

prompting - causing

alleged bite - it hasn't been proved to have happened so it can only be alleged or claimed that it happened

a sneak - someone dishonest who tries to do things without being caught

clash - fight, conflict

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