Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Japanese artist was arrested for 3-D scanning her vagina (she wanted to design a kayak based on her vagina)

I know that there are problems in the world.

I know that 3,000 children starve to death in India every day (to starve to death means to die because of a lack of food). I know that Israel is killing civilians in Gaza (and I am not even sure why).  I know that there is a civil war in Ukraine because an elected president was forcefully removed from office by American supported, violent protesters. There is chaos and conflict all over.

So maybe I should not post something about how vagina-phobic Japan is.  (phobic means fearful).  

There are more pressing (important) problems...but, for some reason, this is the type of story I like posting on this blog. Also, I like the courage and humor of this Japanese artist.

So there is a Japanese female artist who thinks that certain laws in Japan about visually representing the vagina (the vagina is the female sex put away your bi-lingual dictionary) are ridiculous. Apparently, even if you make a porno film in Japan, the woman's vagina has to be covered electronically.

This artist is questioning why there is such fear and loathing (hatred, disgust) for this part of the woman's body.  

Therefore, she decided to 3-D scan her vagina and try to make a kayak out of it.

Here is the article.  The article also contains a video the artist made (a very funny video) about why she creates vagina art.  Basically she said she had never seen another vagina before and wanted to see how hers looks compared to others.  She can only do this by fighting against Japanese law! ^.^

The article:!bfQLRe

Vocabulary from the article:

to detain/detained - the police have her and will not let her go

embraces - welcomes, warmly accepts

the cutting edge - the newest and most innovative and exciting things

conservative - not welcoming change or new things, not being open-minded

pornography - dirty movies, films or videos involving sex

obscenity - when something is considered to be too dirty, too offensive sexually

found herself in hot water - found herself in trouble

genitalia - sexual organs

deco-man - I am confused...I think 'man' might be a term for vagina in Japan....I don't know...

p***y - pussy, a slang term for vagina

crowdfunding - this is a website where people can ask for money to do artistic projects

under arrest - the police are holding her because they believe she committed a crime

taboo - considered shocking and wrong

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