Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Chinese baby was killed in NY City - and there was NO justice

This story made me both depressed and angry. 

A driver who had been drinking (wine) ran over a 3 year old Chinese baby in Flushing - a neighborhood in New York City.

The police did NOT arrest him. (When the police 'arrest' someone they formally accuse him of a crime and force him to go to court and he can be thrown in jail.) Instead, the police gave him 2 tickets (you get a ticket when you drive too fast or go through a red light etc.). When the driver went to traffic court, the judge told him that he had not done anything wrong and let him go with no punishment.

So in New York City it is OK for drivers to kill 3 year old Chinese babies with their cars. Many people feel this shows that there is a lot of anti-Asian prejudice and discrimination in New York City. ('anti' means 'against', 'prejudice' is when a person is hated because of his/her skin color or race, 'discrimination' is when people are treated badly just because of their race) 

Here is an article about this:

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

a toddler - a baby

a ticket - if a person breaks some type of traffic law, a police officer will give him/her a ticket and the person will go to traffic court or just pay the fine (the amount of money for breaking the law) through the mail.  In this case, the driver should have been arrested (the police should have taken him to the police station and charged him with a serious crime).

to drop a ticket - to eliminate a ticket, to indicate the person will not have to pay some type of fine.

Queens - one of the 5 boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn , Queens, Staten Island)

an SUV - sports utility vehicle (a very large car)

to plow into someone or something - to hit something with extreme force; a plow is used by farmers to turn dirt over in a field and a snow plow is used on city streets to push snow to the side of a street

tossed - the tickets were tossed: they were thrown out

"Just found out today that the DMV drop the two tickets..." - he meant to write: dropped

failure to yield - when a driver does not slow down to let someone pass him/her

failure to show due care - the driver wasn't careful enough

I'm pissed - I'm very angry.

to void tickets - to get rid of them, eliminate them

to testify - to make statements in a court room

a civil suit - so the father of the baby is suing the driver. This is a civil case - the driver can lose money but cannot be thrown in jail. There are two types of courts in America - civil and criminal.

crossing with the light - she had a green light, she was obeying the law

barreled into them - drove into them forcefully

a breathalyzer test - a test to see whether a person is drunk or not

a meager amount - hardly anything, a small amount

dismissed the summonses - got rid of the tickets

a hearing - like a trial

to be outraged - to be extremely angry

remorse - a feeling of sorrow or sadness for something wrong someone has done

Queens DA - this is the government office which is supposed to throw people in jail for committing crimes. DA stands for District Attorney

insufficient evidence - not enough proof to show a crime occurred (this is not true since there was a videotape).

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