Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Chinese lady cut off her husband's penis...twice.

If she had only done it once, I wouldn't have bothered writing about it. 

I guess I'm fascinated by the intensity of this Chinese lady's rage (extreme anger). It's amazing that she would be so angry that she would: 1) cut her husband's penis off (a penis is the male sexual organ) and 2) cut it off again after the doctors had sewed it back on. (Something is 'sewed' with a needle and thread.) Oh, 3) she also threw the severed (removed) penis out a window.

I'm also curious as to what happened to the penis after it was thrown out the window. The medical staff could not find it. Did a dog eat it? A crow? A rat? Apparently some animal enjoyed a tasty meal of human penis a few days ago in Shangqiu. Let's hope it didn't acquire an appetite for that kind of thing!  Men in Shangqiu - be faithful to your ladies!  There might be a hungry dog looking for more!

Here's the story.  Apparently the woman discovered that her husband was cheating on her (he was seeing another woman). She became so already know what happened. 

I think she will be in a lot of trouble now. Punishment exists primarily as a form of deterrence: some people are punished in order to make sure other people don't do the same thing. If they don't throw this woman in jail, Chinese ladies may feel they have the right to cut off the penises of their cheating husbands.  So I think she'll probably be punished to make sure other guys in China don't have to go through this horrible experience, even if they are cheating.

The article:

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

jilted - if someone has been jilted, that person's spouse (husband/wife) has been cheating (seeing someone else)

two-timing - cheating, having sex secretly with another person

hubby - husband

manhood - penis, the male sexual organ, the thing that makes a guy different from a woman

jail - a place where criminals are sent after being found guilty

a dad of five - he has five children; this is difficult for me to understand - doesn't China have a one-child policy?

saucy - hot, erotic, sexual

marital home - the home where he lived with his married wife

stunned - shocked, surprised

flew into a rage - became outrageously angry, angry to the point where she did not care about consequences any more

stormed into - ran into, forced her way into, entered a place aggressively

to snip - to cut: chop chop...ooops there it goes...

sewn - sew, sewn, sewn or sewed - to use a needle and thread to attach something to something else

fuming - still very angry, fumes come from a fire

combed the area - searcher very carefully

missing member - his penis

emotionally distraught - very very very upset, depressed, shocked

fertility - ability to produce children

gruesome - bloody, disgusting, shocking

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