Friday, January 30, 2015

Protesters recall Henry Kissinger's war crimes and crimes against humanity

Why would protesters call Henry Kissinger (National Security Advisor and Secretary of State of the USA for President Richard Nixon) a war criminal?

Probably because policies he recommended or created lead to the deaths of many innocent people, especially in South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia). As most international readers of this blog already know, however, no government leader from the USA ever gets arrested for war crimes or crimes against humanity because the USA is too powerful. George Bush should probably be in jail for war crimes for attacking Iraq in 2003, but he sits safely in his ranch in Texas.

In 1968, when Richard Nixon was running for the presidency, he told the American people that he had a secret plan to end the Vietnam War. History shows he lied in order to win an election. With Richard Nixon as president the war became worse. Indeed, Kissinger and Nixon even secretly sent US troops into Cambodia and other neighboring countries.

The Vietnam War was one of the most horrible and immoral wars the USA ever fought. Over 2 million Vietnamese were killed by the US military while the USA lost about 50,000 soldiers. Vietnamese children are still suffering from the effects of chemicals that were deliberately dropped on forests in that country to destroy trees so that Vietnamese soldiers could be seen more easily. To this day the people of Vietnam suffer because of people like Henry Kissinger.

Indeed, the Vietnam war should never have been fought. In 1964 one of the most corrupt and dishonest presidents the USA ever had - Lyndon Johnson - began the war when he lied about Vietnamese ships attacking American ships (The Gulf of Tonkin incident). The war lasted until Nixon finally removed US troops in 1972 because the USA could not beat the Vietnamese people.

{{{The flag of North Vietnam - when the US military was defeated by a third-world nation of farmers and Buddhists.}}}  

Here is an article about the protests. In the video Senator John McCain attacks the protesters and calls them various names. I am so glad this idiot never became president.

Vocabulary from the article:

protesters recall Kissinger's war crimes - protesters remember Kissinger's war crimes

to call out - basically this is a slang term meaning to insult people or speak badly of them; to verbal phase 'to call out' is not used very often

a protester - someone who does not like something and expresses his/her disapproval publicly

to swarm - to surround someone and bother him; bees sometimes swarm people who get too close to their hive

low-life scum - this term was meant as an insult...'low-life' means a very basic life form like bacteria or a type of worm...scum means dirt. So if someone calls you low life scum they are saying you are a type of dirt, basically.

disgraceful - not something to be proud of, something terrible that shoulod embarrass a person who does it

outrageous - unacceptable, terrible

despicable - something that should be hated because it is so wrong

demonstrations - protests, when people take action to demonstrate they are angry

to chant - to repeat something over and over

controversial - something that makes people argue; a hot topic

to be arrested - to be taken away by the police

the greatest distinction - if you have done something great, you have done something 'distinguished'...of great distinction means of great accomplishments

off the dias - the dias is the area where speakers usually sit

to be held fully accountable for their actions - to be punished

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