Friday, April 17, 2015

Obama prepares for America's next Vietnam War - Ukraine

So it's not bad enough that the USA has soldiers in Afghanistan who still seem to be fighting. Are they still fighting in Afghanistan? It's hard to tell. For 13 years we have received little news about anything happening in Afghanistan. Most Americans wouldn't be able to tell you the capitol city of Afghanistan let alone what the US military has done there in the past 13 years.

And it's not bad enough that Bush and Obama collaborated to create total violent chaos in Iraq. It's not bad enough the US Air Force is stupidly and ineffectively bombing stuff in Syria. It's not bad enough that Bush and Obama helped create the conditions for the establishment of the ISIS caliphate and that the USA is doing NOTHING about resolving this situation.

Now US soldiers are going to Ukraine.  They are going to Ukraine as 'advisers' and trainers just as US soldiers went to Vietnam as advisers and trainers.

The last I heard, there was a ceasefire in Ukraine. But peace is not good enough for the USA?  It has to send in soldiers to attempt to cause more military conflict around the world?   

An article about this:


on Ukrainian soil - soil is, basically dirt (the stuff you place seeds into and then water to make plants grow). To be on another country's soil means to be in that country. 

to reignite - to start again

mass bloodshed - a lot of people being harmed

revanchist - a policy of 'revenge' meant to regain lost territory; so Russia is pointing out that Western Ukraine wishes to get US help to regain the territory it lost to people of Eastern Ukraine, who were not willing to live under the illegal government of Kiev.

destabilize - make a situation less secure or predictable; to make a situation more dangerous

punitive - something done to punish someone

insurgency - people who disagree with their government and fight against it

to escalate - to get worse

a breach - a violation, a breaking of the rules

flared up again - rose up again, began again


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