Sunday, April 26, 2015

Swedish cops who 'arrested' a black man in NY City - heroes or criminals?

A couple days ago 4 Swedish police officers who were tourists on their way to a Broadway show heard that there was a fight in a nearby subway train car. An MTA employee called for police help, so they volunteered to help.  They are being called "heroes" for this, yet, I would have to disagree.

If you look at the videotape below, they have a black man on the ground in a painful arm hold. The man is yelling and screaming. They are SWEDISH cops, not New York cops. They had no authority to take action. They are illegally holding a man against his will in a painful and potentially dangerous hold. At times the man even states he is having trouble breathing and the Swedes refuse to release him. Thank God they didn't kil him the way Eric Garner was killed.

Furthermore, I have lived in NY City for over 15 years now and have helped break up two fights in the subway system. I did not throw anyone to the ground, I did not put anyone into a dangerous and harmful hold - after a few of us broke up the fight everybody just went on their way.

Now, because of these Swedish cops, some guy has a criminal record because these tourists had to hold him there to be arrested. These fights happen all the time. people break them up and go. I think these Swedes over-reacted and then did everything they could to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Here's the video:

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