Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The USA is losing badly to ISIS / ISIL

In 2003 I was one of tens of thousands of New Yorkers who tried to protest Bush's decision to start a war with Iraq.

Unfortunately, the mayor of NY (the leader of NY) - Bloomberg - had thousands of police blocking the protesters so that we could not get to the UN to protest. 

Bush attacked Iraq for no reason and when Obama took office as president he indicated he would end and fix this situation.

No, Obama has made it worse. Now there is a crazy organization called ISIS/ISIL which cuts off people's heads and destroys ancient art work. ISIS is growing stronger and stronger every day. They are taking more cities, killing more people and creating more harm daily.

What is shocking is that people in the US government do not even want to tell the truth about what is really going on. Basically, the USA has already lost this war. ISIS has taken several cities and is running its own government. People suffer every day because of this group.

Here is an article about a US politician who says he is a little worried about ISIS and how Obama is dealing with this situation. He should be VERY worried since, basically, ISIS has won. Obama will do nothing to stop the situation he helped create by removing US soldiers from Iraq too soon. Bush should not have started the war, but Obama made the situation worse and will not admit it.



to sound alarm bells - to indicate that something is worng and we should be aware of it

rhetoric - empty words; meaningless talk (something Obama is great at)

extremists - people who are extreme or the worst possible examples

a setback - something that is not only not good, but, in fact, pushes a person back

the metrics - the measurement

sorties - flights by airplanes that drop bombs

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