Sunday, June 28, 2015

Craigslist - the most dangerous and corrupt site on the internet?

This site is dangerous.

Many people lose money because of this site and some people have been killed. At least 20 people were killed because of craigslist in 2014.

Does craigslist care? No. Obviously not. Their attitude seems to be: millions of people use the site, so 20 dead people doesn't sound that bad.

Because craigslist does not care how many people die using their website, the police in the USA are trying to do something

Here is an article about

Vocabulary to help you understand the article:

a haven - a safe place

desperately - if you are desperate to do something, you really, really, really want to do it

authorities - this usually means the police

an ambush - when people hide and wait for someone and then jump out ad attack

dumping - dropping

a pond - a small body of water

rural - outside of a city, in the countryside

armed robbery - stealing something with a gun

heartache - a painful emotional feeling

surveillance - the area is being videotaped by police

the lot - an open area, like a parking lot

a deterrent - a deterrent is something that will stop a person from committing a crime

to launch a program - to start a program

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