Sunday, August 2, 2015

An art project in India against sex-slavery, sex-trafficking

Among its other huge social problems (hunger, inequality, rape) India leads the world in slavery. In fact, India seems to have about 45% of all the world's slaves - about 15 million people are forced to live as slaves in India. Many of these people are women who are forced to live as sex slaves - they have to work as prostitutes (selling their bodies for sex). 

An artist (Leena Kejriwa) in Calcutta (Kolkata) is trying to make people aware of this issue so that sex-slavery can be stopped.

The article:


a red light district - this is an area in some cities where there are many prostitutes and men can find women to have sex with for money very easily. There are often many bars, nightclubs etc.

commercial sex trafficking - this means kidnapping girls and forcing them to work as prostitutes for money for others

a stencil - this is when you cut an image out from paper so that you can paint an outline of the image somewhere. (please look at the photos in the article)

a safe home - a place where children can live without fear of being harmed; it is free and run by a charity (maybe a religious charity)

rural areas - the countryside, not the city

to groom them into something - to develop them into something, to make them begin to behave in the way you want them to behave

puberty - the time when a child begins to change into an adult

silhouette - a black image of a person based on the person's outline

installation work - a work of art meant to be seen but not purchased

it has morphed - it has changed, it has developed, it has evolved

the magnitude of the problem - just how bad the problem is

to caption the silhouette - to add words next to it

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