Saturday, August 15, 2015

Artist Anish Kapoor wants to sue China over the 'fake Bean'.

Here's the 'Bean' (or Cloud Gate) by Anish Kapoor, which has become Chicago's most popular landmark:

(image from

In a Chinese city this work has recently been displayed, which seems quite similar to Kapoor's:

Kapoor is not happy about this at all. In fact he asked the Mayor (leader) of the city of Chicago to complain about this, but the Mayor of Chicago stated that it was no big deal to him and that Kapoor should drop matters and stop complaining.

Yet Kapoor claims that he is going to sue China because of this. With whom do you agree - the Mayor of Chicago or Kapoor?

(to sue - this is when a person feels that something wrong has occurred and hires a lawyer and they go to court to try to stop something from happening or to receive money from the person who did the wrong thing in order to punish that person.)

Here is the article:

Vocabulary from the article:

a knock-off - usually a cheaper version of an original thing, or an imitation of something original

to accuse someone of something - to claim or assert that someone did something wrong

blatant plagiarism - blatant means really obvious, plagiarism is when someone copies your work or steals from your work

affectionately - lovingly, warmly

a skyline - the view of skyscrapers from far away

reportedly - apparently, supposedly

something uncanny - something that is not natural, so an uncanny resemblance would mean that the Chinese sculpture does not look the same as the Bean for natural reasons

permissible - allowable, possible

infringement - violation; you infringe on a person's rights when you violate those rights

enforcement - to enforce something means to make sure that certain laws are followed and that people who violate the laws are punished

divulged - revealed (to divulge = to reveal)

he went on the record - he officially stated

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