Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Obama restricts immigration of 'legal' highly educated foreigners, but wants to harbor (protect) minimally educated 'illegals'

Sometimes it's been hard to understand why the current president has made various decisions which he has made. There's been little logic and no vision for the past 6 years. Instead of showing leadership, he's been hiding and reacting. At times, internationally, Vladimir Putin has made him look like a boy playing a man's game. Right now in Syria Putin is taking action and all Obama can do is complain like a spoiled child. Even his great accomplishment - Obamacare - is a badly flawed system that many people do not like and which may be eliminated if a Republican becomes president.

Now it seems he has made a decision which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. There are many many many highly educated foreigners who were lead to believe that they could enter the USA and gain green cards (the ability to work and live in the USA). Obama has changed his mind. Yet, he doesn't seem to have a problem with the 12 million minimally educated illegal immigrants who are in the country and often using government services for free without paying one penny of taxes.

Within a short time Latinos will be the largest segment of the US population, yet statistically Latinos under-perform every other racial and ethnic group in the country educationally. It seems as if we are going to need highly educated and skilled people from outside our borders. 

An article about this issue:


to undo something - to reverse something, to take something that has changed and change it back to its original state

a green card - this is a card which gives the holder of the card the ability to stay and work legally in the USA and to possibly become a citizen some day

an order - something which must be executed, a command

a federal judge - a federal judge works for the US government, not a state or city government. A judge is the person you see in a court room.

to decline - to reject something, to say 'no' to something

permanent residents - people who can legally stay for a long time in the USA without being citizens

initially - at first, at the start, earlier

in the public interest - the judge said it would not benefit the American people if educated foreigners came into the country (we need more uneducated people - because they will stupidly vote for the most corrupt candidates of the Democratic party...don't worry, I hate Republicans too)

to sue - to go to court and try to get money from a person or to go to court to get an order from a judge

revised - changed

class-action status - this means that many people were being represented in this court case

curtailing - limiting

a temporary restraining order - an order by the judge that something has to stop immediately until it can be better looked at

blocking - stopping

backlogs - when work backs up and you fall behind on your work, you get a backlog; when something piles up

streamline - to make it shorter and less than it was

urging them to abide by... - these major companies desperately need qualified workers and are upset that Obama is streamlining this process; to urge is to abide by means to obey or follow

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